About Róisín Irwin

Roisin Irwin

Roisin has been working in the childcare profession for over 10 years. Although she began her career as a nursery school teacher, she has always had a deep interest in child psychology. She believes that early intervention is key to overcoming difficulties and so has always searched for ways to support and help at-risk children.

As play is a child's natural mode of expression, communication and learning, it only seemed fitting to pursue Play Therapy as a way to help children who need extra support. In 2016, Roisin began her journey towards this goal.

Roisin is a Certified Therapeutic Play Practitioner and is qualified to work with mild to moderate cases in a one-to-one therapeutic setting. She is continuing her studies to become an Accredited Play and Creative Arts Therapist through the Academy of Play and Child Psychotherapy (APAC) in the U.K. Roisin is listed on Play Therapy UK's international register and can be verified using the following website: https://www.playtherapyregister.org.uk/Search

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